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Allowing for a "bounce" in games that resembles volleyball, sepak takraw, teqball, etc.

What if... what if... our students are not ready to play volleyball and catching is just too "lame". But yet, you want to build their confidence in applying two handed volleying techniques in a modified net barrier game which resembles volleyball, sepak takraw, teqball, etc.?

At the primary school level, we are strongly encouraged to design creatively our own "end-state" games that are developmentally appropriate for our student profile. Let our friends at secondary schools worry about the "real" volleyball game. For us at primary schools, priority ought to be the conceptual mastery. How then can we incorporate a solution such that the technical demands do not get too much in the way of the intended conceptual learning?

For me, the one bounce version of net barrier games that looks like a mash-up of tennis and volleyball could be exactly what many of our students need. As you can see from the video, the students will still need to practice a lot in order to play this modified game well. While many may disagree with me about the incorporation of bounce in a game that resembles volleyball, do give it a try with your students and share with us your experience. To be honest, I utilised this idea may years back when I was teaching in a secondary school, and my weaker students in particular benefited a lot through this game. Food for thought.

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