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The Author

Hello! We are a group of physical education teachers based in Singapore. The aim of this blogsite is to establish a community of practitioners who are keen to discover and investigate more on how the constraints-led approach and/or pedagogical principles in TGfU can be utilised to invent practical, creative and purposeful game ideas that can optimise learning for our learners.

Muhammad Shufi Bin Salleh

About me

Shufi formally started teaching at Seng Kang Secondary School in 2012 after completing his Post-Graduate Diploma in Physical Education (PE) in National Institute of Education, Singapore. Subsequently, he taught Mathematics and PE at Hillgrove Secondary School in 2015. In 2018, he was appointed as a Senior Teacher, specialising in the area of PE. In his capacity as a PE teacher-leader, he regularly collaborated with the Physical Education and Sports Teacher Academy (PESTA) and National Institute of Education (NIE) through workshops, professional networks, sharing sessions and research projects.


Shufi sets very high standards for himself, and he strives to teach better by challenging existing practices through practical use of technology. In 2019, Shufi’s innovative approach to teaching PE and his contribution to the PE fraternity was recognised and he was awarded the Outstanding PE Teacher Award (OPETA) by the Singapore Physical Education Association. In 2021, Shufi joined NIE as a seconded staff with the aim of further developing his pedagogical content knowledge while at the same time, impacting the learning and readiness of future generations of PE teachers. To date, Shufi continues to share his ideas and lesson resources through various platforms such as local and international PE and sport conferences, PESTA’s Facebook group and MOE’s Singapore Learning Designers Circle (SgLDC) Facebook group.

shufi salleh.jfif


Master of Education in Curriculum and Teaching (National Institute of Education, 2019)

Post-graduate Diploma in Education (PE) (Secondary) (National Institute of Education, 2012)

Bachelor of Arts in Architecture (National University of Singapore, 2009) 

Research Interests

Character development through PE and sport, Differentiated instruction (DI) and Personalised System of Instructions (PSI) in PE, e-pedagogy in PE and sport development, Innovative pedagogical practice in PE, Self-determination theory (SDT) in PE

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