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Constraints? Affordances?

While PE teachers would manipulate constraints all the time, it is important to understand the relationship between constraints and affordances. Constraints on their own do not cause movement. However, the affordances will encourage and invite certain kinds of movement solution to be executed. In the following attachments, I am sharing some ideas I've tried with varying degrees of success. For the purpose of illustration, the ideas shared here are based on the teaching of floorball but it can be easily adapted for the teaching of games such as basketball and football. Do note that the ideas here are not meant to be prescriptive. It all depends on what your learners need to be more attuned to the information available in the learning environment. And most certainly, it also depends on your learning objective for that particular lesson. Hope these ideas will spark even more ideas! Have fun!

Note: 2m rule is enforced for hit-in instead of 3m as this is meant for PE context where space is much more limited.

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