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Lop-sided court in net-barrier games

A classic way of utilising the pedagogical principle of "exaggeration" in net barrier games is to put learners in a long and narrow court to teach them how to move the opponent to the front and back of the court appropriately and effectively. However, it is quite impossible to do this with a class of 40 as the space is just not enough. While we can creatively get learners to take turns as player and umpire; or take on the role of a peer observer; these solutions may not make the cut for teachers who wish to maximise practice time. Below is an illustration of an approach that we have come up with at the National Institute of Education (NIE) with the help of my student teachers. This approach is referred to as the "lop-sided" court, where the players are put in a lop-sided playing area with different objectives on each side of the court. With this approach, teachers can zoom into a wide range of offensive and defensive concept without compromising practice time. Have fun trying!

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